Sunday, December 27, 2015

A Winter Visit to the AWCC


We were pretty excited to receive an email from some old friends we hadn't seen in years. They are friends me met when we were living in Missouri. They've been overseas for the past several years and are heading back over there next month. 

It's not very often people come through Alaska so it was really special to spend the afternoon with them a couple weeks ago.

We met them in Girdwood and had lunch together at this little bake shop near the ski slopes.

Our two boys with their two boys bonding over hot cocoa.
Then headed another few minuets down the Seward Highway to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.
You've heard me talk about the AWCC before here and here.

 It's been fun to visit the center at different times of the year. Each time looks different and there are new things to see.

This time the weather was very dreary and slushy but the center had sleds and kick sleds you could borrow to get around and the kids, and grown ups, had fun with them. Elijah even pushed me around a little bit. You can see how thrilled he was about it in the photos below. ;)

The grizzly bears were awake and digging around in the snow.

Come visit and we'll take YOU to see the animals at the AWCC too!

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