Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center


"During the summer of 2004, a working firefighter spotted month-old kittens in a recently burned area in Interior Alaska. Three kittens were found alone and suffered from burns on their paws, legs, faces and ears. The whereabouts of the mother was unknown. Had she died in the fire? Had she left some kittens behind, but carried as many as she could as she fled to safety? In need of treatment and knowing the kittens could not survive on their own, the firefighter put them into his backpack and carried them back to camp where he could make arrangements for their transport. Unfortunately, one male kitten died soon after the rescue, but the two females were flown to the Anchorage airport and transported to AWCC for treatment and care on July 20th. In the wild, lynx stay with their mothers for almost a year in order to learn hunting and survival skills. Since these lynx were orphaned at such a young age, a permanent home has been provided for them at AWCC." -taken from the Alaska Wildlife Consevation Center website

Sitka Black-tailed Deer
They are the 2nd smallest deer in the world.

Wood Bison
Wood Bison were once thought to be extinct but a herd was discovered and are now making a comeback. You can read more about the Wood Bison on the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center website.


All these trees died when the 1964 earthquake hit and the ground dropped 10 feet and sea water rushed in.

Adonis is a one winged Bald Eagle. Someone took a shot at him and he lost his wing. He's been at the center since 1995.


Black Bears

Brown Bears

These flowers are called Fireweed and they grow all over the place during the summer.


Amy Buckman said...

This place looks so fun, I want to go!! I love all of these pictures, but the last one is my favorite!

Terri Schmidt said...

I must ditto Amy's comment...beautiful pictures, oh how fun that would be to visit you all. The last picture made me giggle and smile even bigger. :-)