Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 Top Twelve

Oh, what a year! It was a difficult task to choose just one photo from each month to post here. So many events and memories were captured t his year. I think that's one reason i love photography so much. It catches a moment in our fast and full lives that is passing and lets us hang on to it a bit longer. Many times looking back at a photo all the emotions and feelings surrounding that moment come back.

~We celebrated Ethan's 6th birthday on the 15th
~Saw the Northern Lights dancing in the sky all around our Anchorage apartment
~Sledding, puzzles, winter hikes, games, late winter sunrises and early winter sunsets

~The highlight was definitely having my sister in law Rachel come for a visit!
~Celebrating Elijah, mine, and Rachel's birthdays
~Driving to Fairbanks 
~Northern Lights over our hotel in Fairbanks
~Soaking in Chena Hot Springs
~Sledding and more winter hikes

~We got a car!!!
~Freedom to go on adventures with the boys during the week while Geoff was at work
~Longer day light hours
~More Northern Lights

~Library trips
~Warmer days
~Crisis Pregnancy Center Tea
~Geoff's birthday
~April 10th marked one full year in Alaska

~Long days and sunshine
~Geoff's dad and mom come for a visit!
~Hiking in Hatcher Pass
~Train ride to Denali National Park
~Glacier cruise day trip around Prince William Sound
~Lots of adventures

~Heat wave
~Cooling off in Campbell Creek
~Looong days of sunshine
~Alaska Botanical Garden show
~More camping
~Moose sighting
(one night a mama moose and two babies came and ate right off the raspberry bushes by our house)

~Dip netting trip to the Kenai
~Geoff catching 35 salmon
~Learning to filet and process salmon
~Walks, bike rides, and hikes 
~Weekly hikes with friends
~Ohhhing and Ahhhing over Alaska's beauty
~Celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary
~Picking raspberries
~Playground visits
~Starting a new school year

~Alaska State Fair
~Hiking in brilliant yellows of the changing leaves
~Shortening days
~Cooling temps
~Started hosting a bible study small group at our apartment each Friday evening

~A weekend in Girdwood with Geoff's company
~Visit to the Alaska Wildlife Conversation Center
~First snow
(since school started we had one boy before and after school and then another one just after school)
~Winter Sunsets
~this month went by in sort of a blur for me. I was pretty out of it for solid weeks dealing with Shingles.
~I was so blessed by my friends support and care through it though. They brought us food and took the boys out for some fun times. I'm so thankful for them.

~Short days with dark morning and evenings
~Cozy reading and cocoa by the tree
~Taking it easy
~Books and blankets
~Game nights with friends 
~Sleeping in the living room under the lights
~Lots of hot tea and coffee

What did your year look like? 
If you do a blog post about it feel free to leave your link in the comments below!

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