Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Alaska State Fair

The Alaska State Fair is held each year in Palmer which is an hour north of where we live in Anchorage.

It's a beautiful drive up there. Even though we've driven that road many times now it's always new because the mountains look different every time. Some times they are clear and sometimes their surrounded by clouds like they started out yesterday. 

Can you see the sun trying to break through?

You can take the train from Anchorage if you want and it'll drop you off right at the Fair gates.

We met up with our friends Paul and Marie at the gates and enjoyed the day together.

There are no snakes in the wild here in Alaska so the boys were thrilled to find a reptile building filled with snakes, turtles, gators, lizards, frogs... basically everything we left behind in Florida.

If you're at the Alaska Fair you have to stop by and take a look at the giant veggies! We were there on the very last day of the fair so some of the flowers and veggies were understandably looking a little droopy and tired. When the Fair is over they load up all the vegetables and drop them out back for the bears.

This was the largest pumpkin at the fair but it was disqualified from being entered into the competition because it has a hole near the stem. The other pumpkin that would have won the contest was dropped and broken when they were trying to move it with a crane.

It was really neat to watch the chicks hatching out of their shells.

Marie and Elijah watching the babies hatch.

It was fun walking around all the animals and meeting some of the owners.
The goats were our favorites.

These little girls were getting their rabbits judged and I thought they were just the cutest! 

Then it was off to catch the Lumberjack Show!

Elijah says that was his favorite part. And he even matched the lumberjacks with his red and black jacket! :)

We decided to let the boys ride some rides before we got something to eat. A couple different people gave me their left over tickets so the boys got to ride a few extra rides! 

This was one of their favorites...

And this one was their least favorite...

"I thought I wasn't scared of anything, but i am!" ~Ethan

I think it was because they didn't feel very secure. And it did go pretty high.

Oh it was a lovely day!

Have you been to the Fair in your area this year? What's your favorite part?

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Deanna Rabe said...

How fun! I love Ethan's quote!

We always go to our local ag fair at the end of September and especially like to watch the rodeo events on Friday. That lumberjack show looks wonderful! That would have been my favorite too!

You are so blessed! Miss you lots!
Auntie Dee