Tuesday, June 09, 2015

A Hike in Hatcher Pass

June 22nd

We all love Hatcher Pass. It is a gorgeous place up in the mountains and surrounded by more mountains. Basically if you love mountains this is the place for you. :)

The buildings you see in the above photo is a little lodge. You can rent those little cabins and spend a night or two up there.

After running around in the snow the boys shoes were soaking wet they just took them off and ran around bare foot. Don't let all the snow on the ground fool you. It was a warm day in the sunshine.  

This road leading up the the mine was closed to traffic.

Independence Mine was run up here in Hatcher Pass during the Alaska gold rush in the 1930's and '40's but was closed during World War II.

34,416 ounces of gold was taken out of this mine during it's time. Many of the old buildings are still here.

The Little Susitna River.

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