Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Catching Up

I feel like April is going to be over before we know it!

I haven't blogged much simply because I don't feel like I have much "blog worthy" things to share. :)

We've been busy with school. Only about 4 more weeks of our curriculum to finish. 

I've been keeping busy with Lilla Rose. 
I did reach my goal of 5 Parties for April so THANKS to those who are partying with me this month!

April has brought us some of the prettiest snow I've seen all winter. 

Easter morning we woke up to a dusting of snow with flakes still falling. Though by the time we got out of church later that morning it was all melted away. 

Later on that same week we had this lovely snow...

Sadly it too was gone before the day was over.

I really don't feel like I can even say "We've survived our first Alaskan winter". I've only seen it snow six times and i can tell you exactly when they each happened. Two of those times were this month and you know they melted before the day was done. Anchorage averages about 57 inches of snow a year. And this year Anchorage has only had 22 inches of snow the entire winter! 

Do you think we'll make up for it next year?

We spent Easter at Mike and Marianne's house. 
Mike and Marianne own Tall Trees, the company Geoff works for.
Marianne is an amazing cook and put on a delicious meal for the half dozen or so families that were there. There was an egg hunt and pinata for the kids.

Here's Ethan giving it a whack! He started to crack it open and then Elijah finished the job on his turn.

Photo Credit goes to Marie Maiden
Friday the 10th was our 1 year anniversary of moving to Alaska!
Kinda crazy to think we've been here a year already. Doesn't seem that long and yet it feels like we've been here forever! Can't imagine being anywhere else now.

Photo from April of last year. (2014) One of our first photos in Alaska!

This past Sunday was Geoff's birthday. 
We went out for dinner on Saturday night to a little Thai restaurant just down the street from us.
It was delicious and a place we'll definitely want to try again.

Days are long again.with over 14 and a half hours of sunlight. Sunrise was at 6:42am today and sunset will be at 9:19pm tonight. It gets longer every day.

Last night Ethan asked if we could read our bedtime stories out on the back balcony.

So we did.

Still pretty bright for 8pm, eh?

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Mrs.Rabe said...

My little Hobbit is missing teeth! What a cutie!

Amazing how a year flies by, isn't it? I'm so happy your family is thriving there! We'd love to come visit someday. Uncle Tim wants to drive there and fly home. Crazy man!

Love you all
Aunt Deanna