Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ethan's 6th Birthday

I uploaded Ethan's birthday photos last week but forgot to post them. 

The night before Ethan's birthday Elijah stayed up to help decorate for him.
We always like a lot of streamers. :)

I have a six year old!

In the morning Ethan opened his gifts.

Ethan loves to tease his big brother. You can see his teasing side coming out in the next few photos...

The rest of the day we just played at home and watched one of his new birthday movies.
He asked for Taco as his birthday meal! yum

After dinner our neighbors came over for ice cream cake and coffee.

They brought Ethan that little stuffed husky and he loves it. He doesn't usually get attached to stuffed animals but he takes "Douggie" to bed with him every night now.

We have this book that he named the puppy after.

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Mrs.Rabe said...

So sweet! Happy birthday again, to my Hobbit!

Douggie is so cute!

Aunt Deanna