Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My Arms Won't Reach

It was scary to step out into the unknown and move to Alaska. 

We had a job lined up for Geoff but other than that we didn't know anything. We didn't even have place to live!

But now that we're here we love it so much I don't think you're going to get us to leave! (sorry mom!)

There are times though that I wish I were back in FL. 
Those times are when the people I love are hurting and I want to be there for them.

Like the time my friends baby is sick and there's nothing I can do from so far away.
Or like this past week when my Grandpa passed away. 
I just want to hug my Grammy and tell her I love her.
Photo credit: Crystal Topel
Terry Sherwood
August 10, 1923- July 24, 2014
Photo credit: Deanna Rabe
My Aunt posted a video on her blog of Grammy today. I love hearing her laugh.

It's also hard to be away when my family and friends are rejoicing. Just yesterday I found out that a wonderful family from our church in Florida is adopting a baby boy. I am so excited for them and would love to be there to experience and celebrate it with them. 

I will just keep praying and rejoicing with you all from afar!

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Mrs.Rabe said...

Love you sweet girl!

Aunt Deanna