Friday, July 25, 2014

New Wall Art

It's been lovely and cool with the rain off and on all day today. 

Our plans for the day fell through so I had to come up with something quick to keep these two busy guys entertained inside! 

When in doubt, pull out the art.

I had found a pack of 10" by 10" stretched canvas on amazon that I knew would make some fun wall art.

I pulled them out today along with the paint and sharpie pens.

First we worked on one together. I wrote the words and some of the flower stems, Elijah drew the flowers, sun, birds and Ethan added the blue clouds and rain and some other decorations here and there.

Easier said than done but I tried not to tell them what I wanted and let them decorate it how they wanted. I like Elijah's touches of the smiley faces on the flowers and the heart shaped leaves on the tree branch!

Then the boys each got a canvas to do on their own.

Ethan calls this "Volcano Island".
The purple thing is a house.
It's fun to see what they come up with, isn't it!

Elijah told me not too look and made me a surprise.
He knows exactly how to melt his mama's heart!

I'm lovin' the new art for my walls


Sarah said...

Love this verse and the art you made...I think we are going to copy this for our house. :-)

Melissa Gill said...

Go for it Sarah! It was lots of fun and something I know I will treasure as they grow up. It's also something I know I want to do again. I bought a pack of five canvases off Amazon so we still have two left! Yay! And you could really decorate the whole canvas with Sharpies and not have to worry about getting faint on the carpet.