Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Feeling God's Love

Good morning! 

Things have been a little quite on the blog this week, haven't they?
But things have not been quite in real life.

Biggest news is that my cousin Lindsay, got engaged! 
We're super excited for her and Joseph.
Pennsylvania here we come!

I've been working on my Lilla Rose business and have two home parties this week. 
I'm looking forward to the chance to share some Lilla Rose love with those who come.
If you're local and would like to join us at one of these parties just let me know. We'd love to have you!

This is my niece wearing a mini flexi in her hair. She's two years old.
 She doesn't let much of anything stay in her hair but she loves these! :) So cute!

God's been opening up opportunities for me to help with our family finances through photography. It's totally Him I know. He's the one who gave me this love of photography and a wonderful camera to work with. He's also given me wonderful people in my life who keep asking for pictures. I've never been on to say no to a chance to take photos so we've been setting up photo shoots. Pretty exciting for me!

Saturday found us celebrating a friend's 5th birthday with a Swamp party. 

Geoff didn't have work yesterday but he worked hard around our house.
The boys had fun "helping" him. 
Clapping and cheering when a big tree came down. "Good job, Dad!" 
Geoff's never had so much applause when doing his job I'm sure! :)

Yesterday afternoon I went out with this lovely lady and her mama to take some photos and we had such a great time! 
She's beautiful inside and out and made my job nice and easy.
I'm always touched when someone asks me to take their pictures. Imagine my surprise and excitement this morning when my cousin asked me to take pictures at her wedding! Oh. My. Goodness! I'm thrilled!

How has the Lord been showing His love to you recently?

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Mrs.Rabe said...

You, my dear, are beautiful inside and out! We love the way you capture beauty. So excited about you shooting Lindsay's wedding. We are thankful for you saying yes!

Aunt Deanna