Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Why I Became a Lilla Rose Consultant

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My big news that I want to share with you is that I have signed up to be a Lilla Rose Consultant!

I first heard of Lilla Rose through a friend.
She was wearing a Flexi Clip in her hair one day when I was at her house. I asked her about it and she pulled it out and showed me how to use it. 

It was SO easy to use! 
And for this girl who never did her hair other than a pony tail that is huge for me to be able to say!

I had just discovered an amazing tool that could add beauty and style to my hair in seconds.
That was a big moment for me because up 'till now I had felt totally clueless when it came to hair. But no longer! 

This was just what I needed!

Lilla Rose creates beautiful high quality hair jewelry.
They are best knows for the patented Flexi Clip shown here.
The pin is attached to the top part so they are always together and ready to use.

The Tidepool Treasures clip in my hair below was my very first clip and is what caused me to in love with the products.
Lilla Roes, hair jewelry, hair,  Flexi Clip

Lilla Roes, hair jewelry, hair, Flexi Clip

Lilla Roes, hair jewelry, hair, Flexi Clip

Lilla Rose also offers other fun things besides the Flexi.
Like Hair Sticks, Bobby Pins, Badge Holders, and U Pins.
Lilla Roes, hair jewelry, hair, Flexi Clip, hair sticks
I actually have these hair sticks in my hair right now. 
They are comfortable and my hair feels secure.

These products are just too wonderful to keep to myself. 
I want to introduce all my friends and family to them!

Visit my website and check them out for yourself:

If you are on Facebook I hope you'll take a second to LIKE my page.


Thank you for joining me on this exciting new road. 

Besides being a part of an amazing company, and having beautiful hair jewelry that I get to share, I also want to teach my children about owning a business. This is something I can do from home while homeschooling and managing a house.

Except for the very top photo each of the pictures in this post are of my hair. I just wanted to show you some of the different ways you can use a flexi clip, hair sticks and bobby pins from Lilla Rose.

Fixing my hair used to be a chore but now it's so fun! And really, if I can do it anyone can! ;)

Once you try them out for yourself I know you will find something that works for you and your unique hair. There really is something for everybody and every hair length and type.

Lilla Roes, hair jewelry, hair, Flexi Clip, hair sticks, FreestyleLilla Roes, hair jewelry, hair, Flexi Clip, flower, bobby pin


About Pastor Faulk said...

I love Lilla Rose too! They make the BEST hair accessories!

The Bailie Clan said...

You sound so happy! I am very excited for you! Great post! Keep up the good work!