Monday, October 07, 2013

Hello Monday!

Hello Monday! Where did you come from? Weren't you just here?

A week has slipped by since my last post on why I became a Lilla Rose consultant

It's been a good week.

We have such an encouraging group of other Lilla Rose ladies on facebook. They are constantly sharing ideas, tips and photos with the rest of the group. I love that we are all about supporting one another instead of competing against each other.

You can find my Lilla Rose page here: https://www.facebook.com/lillarose.melissagill
I'll be sharing videos and photos on there along with the occasional giveaway so you'll be sure to want to be a part of that!

My starter kit arrived on Friday and I have had fun seeing more of these clips in person. They really are the kind of thing that you need to see in person to fully appreciate their quality and beauty.

I'm wearing the Floral Design flexi in small here.
I just love the colors and think it is perfect for the Autumn season.

We had a family dinner at Grammy's house.
Ethan and Sweetie
My mom and Grammy
Elijah made Ethan and I breakfast one morning.
I mixed up the batter and he did the rest!

I'm always watching the sky here in Florida. 
The clouds are just so amazing sometimes!

This sweet little pup came from our neighborhood and as you can see she is in need of some tender loving care.
She is way too skinny and needs a good bath.

We worked it out with our neighbors to bring her to our house so we could feed her and find her a new home. 

I thought since she was so neglected that she would be timid and guarded. But she isn't at all!
She is very friendly and is just soaking up the attention (and food!).

Well, that was our week.

How was yours?
Let me know if you want a puppy! :)

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Tori said...

i love your top sky picture! SO pretty!

Sounds like a GREAT week! ^_^ So glad for that pup the s/he found you! :)