Monday, October 28, 2013

Sunshine, Pumpkins and Sunsets

Good morning, good morning!

The early sunshine was so gorgeous as it lit up the Spanish moss on our huge oak tree.
The moon was still visible. Do you see it there just above the top branches?

We don't have much of a garden but we did manage to grow a few pumpkins. 

I went out to feed the animals the other night couldn't help but notice the sky. The little bit I could see between the trees was a deep pink and orange and just amazing!
 The boys were in their pajamas and all ready for bed but I told them to jump in the van as I grabbed the car keys and my camera and we raced to a better spot to see the sky. 
I'm SO glad we did!

God has been bringing some exciting opportunities to me recently.
Several people have asked me in just the past couple days to take their family pictures or pictures of their kids. I am thrilled that they would ask me and I'm SO happy to take their pictures for them.

I believe this is one way the Lord is providing for our family. What a blessing!

And because of the generous hearts of my friends Jesse and Sherri, I have a camera to do it with!

God is good.


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Amazing photos, Melissa!

You are a very talented lady. I am not one bit surprised that someone asked you to photograph their family.

That last shot reminds me of a scene in GWTW when Rhett kissed Scarlet on the road out of Atlanta. Do you remember that scene?

Am still going to email you. I haven't forgotten.



Melissa Gill said...

I DO remember that scene, Sheila! Wasn't it so bright because of the fire?