Monday, September 09, 2013

Lilly's Luau

Saturday afternoon found us celebrating with friends at a beautiful little park in Geneva.
The guest of honor was the birthday girl, Lilly!

The park was nearly surrounded by water so of course everyone brought their fishing poles!

Sweet friends.

Making shell and sea glass wind chimes.

 When they weren't fishing or eating cake the kids were by the water with their net searching for little critters.

After a delicious Hawaiian dinner there was cake and presents.

The ending of a perfect day. 
or so we thought
Some of you may know what happened next...

No sooner had we gotten home then we learned that shortly after we left the park Lilly had been bitten on her foot by a pygmy rattlesnake! So scary!

This is where the beauty of facebook and many of you came in. 
All it took was a quick post asking for prayer for this precious little girl and her family and you guys picked up the ball and covered them in prayers. 
I was really really scared and that was nothing compared to what her family must have been feeling.
It was amazing to see the support from people around the country and world who don't even know her yet shared her need and lifted her up to our Father.
Thank you.

God heard our prayers and even though He was not required to answer our prayers for healing in the way we hoped He would, He did!

Amy, Lilly's beautiful and brave mama, posted this update yesterday.
"Please continue to pray for Lilly's foot and lower leg to her knee, as they are still very swollen and hot and painful. The doctor was planning to keep her just for pain management and pulse checks, which I can do at home, so we are looking at an early discharge this afternoon. Yay! And no more anti venom! Thanks again for all of your prayers!"

You can visit Amy's blog, This Abundant Life, for the whole story.

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Mrs.Rabe said...

It's amazing how our lives can change in a split second, isn't it?

So glad she seems to be healing well.

Aunt Deanna