Friday, September 20, 2013

{Lilla Rose} My 1st Home Party + GIVEAWAY

I want to tell you how excited I am about this new, amazing hair jewelry I found! 

The company is Lilla Rose and their products are like nothing you’ve ever tried in your hair before! 

I had a few friends over last night so we could can see for ourselves and try them on! 

Thank you to each of you who joined us last night for my first ever home party!
We had a great time learning about the amazing hair jewelry that Lilla Rose offers.

So much fun to have my beautiful cousins here from Pennsylvania!

Tori did an amazing job.
We started with some games and earned bucks for an auction at the end of the night.

We had so much fun! And really fell in love with these products. We had all ages and hair types and everyone found something that worked for them and their hair.

The flexi clips are not just limited to hair.
Use one to add a lovely touch to your scarf this Fall and Winter.

Kids can use them too! 
Sweetie ran around all evening wearing a mini in her hair and she's one that usually won't let things stay in her hair or on her head very long.

Lindsay was the first to try the hair sticks and see how great they look!

Rachel wearing the hair sticks. So pretty!

I need to learn how to do that!

These aren't just for long hair. 
There's a small size that is perfect for short hair!
There are also beautiful bobby pins and adjustable headbands.

Love these two boys!

What a great group!

I'm excited about the possibility of becoming a Lilla Rose consultant myself!

I would love to invite you too be a part of our Lilla Rose party!
I know that you'd love these products too once you see what they can do and how they feel in your hair.

What I LOVE about these flexi clips is they are so easy to use and look so wonderful!
I usually have my hair back in a pony tail which gets really boring but with a Lilla Rose clip a simple pony tail goes from plain and simple to simply beautiful with very little effort!

The link will take you to our consultant's website. You can check them out for yourself and order from there.

Giveaway Time!
(the prize is open to anyone who has never ordered from Lilla Rose before or won a giveaway)

If you'd like to enter the giveaway, for a FREE FLEXI of your choice up to $16 in value!

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Mrs.Rabe said...

It was a blast! Thanks for hosting us!

Aunt Deanna

ps- i love the photos of Kyle and Elijah! I'm going to 'borrow them!'

Rachel said...

love the celtic knots, so pretty *becomes super Irish*

brandy davis said...

The celtic knots are my favorite.

Jen Jen said...

Oh wow, I love them All!!! I think my favorites are the Delightful Day-Z and the Open Heart Dangle.

Jayme Myers said...

What a lovely giveaway!
I like the Multi-Colored Stone Cluster flexi

Helga said...

I lke the flower hair orament.

carolann88fan said...

I love the flitter into fall and the celtic knot

Mer said...

So many gorgeous options! I really like the roman cross flexi.

Kathy J said...

So pretty. I really like the Etched Tiger Lily Flex Clip.

mommasbacon said...

ANY of the headbands!

wizardewu said...

I like the Flower Blossom Medley clip.