Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Best of July

Here we are beginning the last day of July. 
Hard for me to believe the month has passed already. 
But then I feel that way every month! 

I've not kept up with blogging very well this month. So today I'm going to do a recap of our July. 
Hang on, lots of pictures coming!

I love our mornings. They are slow and quiet. 
Sometimes we'll hang out in our pj's on the porch with the kitties like Ethan is here.

I love the morning sunlight shining through our little maple leaves.
There's usually dew drops sparkling in the light that makes it extra special.

There was sparklers on the 4th. 

 Some painting and crafts. 

We have my niece one or twice a week. One time she even spent the night with us. 
The boys loved that! They adore their cousin.

There's been some storms. No hurricanes this year yet.
This one day the clouds looked really weird.

The boys watching the rain with their Daddy.

 And when they're not watching the rain, they are playing in the rain!

Any one want to guess what Ethan's building here in the downpour?

I don't know either but he sure had fun that day!

The rain has filled up the little creek that runs along our property and Elijah has had a blast fishing in it.
He's been excited to catch a few little cat fish.

His grandpa took him out fishing a couple times as well which he's loved.

There must be a sign in my yard somewhere that says "Free Neighborhood Daycare" because there are always a bunch of neighborhood kids spending the afternoon at our house.

And people say homeschoolers don't socialize! 
Not these homeschoolers. 
Sometimes I feel like we have to leave home to get some peace and quiet!

And the butterflies. Oh the butterflies!

I've been enjoying so much using my new Canon and zoom lens to capture their beauty.

We've read piles of books.

This week my mom is hosting a 5 Day Club. 

The kids have really enjoyed it!

These teens are doing a great job leading the club.
Elijah's working hard to memorize the memory verse each day.

None of us feel ready to let go of summer yet but we're going to start the new school year next week.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!


Mrs.Rabe said...

Beautiful life Melissa!

Starting the mornings slow and easy, nurturing neighbor children who are hungry for it, time for the boys with Daddy and then also with Grandpa.

I love you and am so proud of you.

Aunt Deanna

Amy Buckman said...

Your pictures, as always, are gorgeous! You are so talented!!

BARBIE said...

I love that you have neighborhood kids handing out at your house. I enjoyed your update! Beautiful photos.