Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Let the Learning Continue!

You all know we are homeschooling. 

Reading has been our biggest challenge and just as the school year was ending we were making great progress in reading and I didn't want Elijah to completely stop for the summer and lose everything we had worked so hard to learn. 

So I planned to keep up with the reading over the summer. But I wanted to do something fun and different with him so that he still feels like he gets a summer break.


It's an early learning site that offers fun lessons and over 3.000 educational activities for young children.

The recommended age is 2-6 but Elijah is 7 and still loves to get on and play. 

The kids do the lessons that teach reading, math, science, geography and art. 
There are songs, coloring pages and books to read.

They even offer printable pages that you can print off if you'd like.

The boys love it and usually will sit and do it together.
Elijah liked the puzzles and Ethan loves the coloring.

You can sign up to three children under one account so it keep track of where they are individually.

I'm excited about this for Ethan for the coming school year. 
I'll let him learn play ABCMouse while I have to do school with Elijah and it will keep him entertained and quiet so that Elijah can concentrate. 

There is a cost involved. You can choose to pay for a month at a time or a whole year. When I signed up at the beginning of July they were offering one month free. But I figured out that if you went ahead and payed for the whole year it was still cheaper than paying per month even with the free month.

Now I did read that school teachers can get it for free. I don't know if that applies to homeschoolers but if anyone asks and finds out please let me know.

I went ahead and signed up for a year. The home page said it would be $79.00 but once I got to the payment page it said it was $59.00.

That's less than $5 a month. Totally worth it!

This is not a sponsored review. I did not recieve anything from ABCMouse. I just loved the site and wanted to share the info with other mom's with young children.

If you try it out let me know what you think! I'd be interested to hear what others think of ABCMouse.com

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Mrs.Rabe said...

There are such great learning sites on the web! Starfall is another fun one that emphasizes reading and it's free. They can make calendars, print coloring pages, read stories. It's for about the same age range as this one.

My kids always liked it!

Have fun!

Aunt Deanna