Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Adopt a Pet Get a Friend for Free!

Mama cat keepin' good care of her babies.

The kittens are nearly 8 weeks old and ready to go to their new homes.

As sad as we will be to see them go I know their new families will enjoy them so much. 

They are so cute and playful now and it's fun to watch them wrestling with each other, playing with their mama's tail or just piled on top of each other napping in the sunshine.

I thought i'd post some recent pictures for those who are interested and also their gender.

This handsome little one is a male.
He's playful and adventurous. 
Elijah calls him Snowy.
The first half of him is tabby but lightens to gray along his back and tail.

She's one of the smaller ones and can be a bit shy at first.
But she loves to play and is a smart little girl.

This little sweetie is my favorite one.
She just loves to be held and will fall asleep in your arms.
She looks the most like her mama.

She's the smallest of the group with beautiful white and black markings.
She's really sweet and a little shy.
Elijah calls her Oreo.

She's such a beautiful long haired princess.
So soft and cuddly. She is pitch black and fades to white along her back. So unique!
Ethan's calls her "my best buddy" and holds her all the time so she is used to kids and is really patient with him. She is happy to sit in your lap and will give you lots of love.
Update on the Fluff Ball here. After the recent bath we gave the kittens I think she may in fact be a he.

If you are interested give me a call, text or email. Just leave a comment below and i'll send you my info if you don't already have it.

You're welcome to come visit and check them out.

There's lots more pictures on my facebook album "free kittens".

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