Saturday, February 02, 2013

It's the 1st!

Elijah and I both have birthdays this month. 
Can you believe Elijah will be seven years old on the eleventh? 
He asked for a Dinosaur party so we're gearing up for that on the 16th. And "kids". He also asked for kids to be there. Forget presents, he just wants friends to come to his Dino party. =)

Last Saturday Geoff spent the day working with a friend rather than his usual day with the family and Elijah was rather upset about it all. I told him it was a blessing that Daddy was getting extra work to help pay for all these birthdays. He was quiet a moment then said, "I'd rather have daddy than presents." Made  my day to hear him say that.

This will be my last year in my twenties. I guess next year I'll actually have to grow up! =)

Other big plans are welcoming a niece due around my birthday. Can't wait for this little princess to make her appearance and I know her mommy is too!

It's gonna be a special month. I can feel it.

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Mrs.Rabe said...

What a sweet boy!

I can't believe they are getting so big! A Dino party sounds just right!

I can't believe you are going to be 29! I think you were 3 when we first met!

Love you both!

Aunt Deanna