Thursday, August 09, 2012

St. Augustine, America's Oldest City

Day two in St Augustine found us exploring some fun spots!

We took a tour of the Old Jail that was built in 1891.

The Sheriff's and his family lived in a house attached to the jail. 
He had a wife and two children.
Below you can see the jail on the left and the family's house on the right.

This was the kitchen were the female prisoners worked. 
The average temp in this kitchen was 110 degrees!

 They cooked the food for all the prisoners as well as meals for the Sheriff can his family. 

The picture on the right below is Elijah turning the coffee grinder. 
The prisoners got all the coffee they wanted. 
The idea was that the more coffee you drank the longer you stayed awake and the more work they could get out of you. 

Oh and if you passed out during work hours they counted the minuets you were out and added them to your sentence when you woke up. 

The picture on the left is one of the cells. 
The cells were designed to hold four men. They often held five.

 This was the children's room.

 After the jail we walked through an interesting little museum. 
The boys thought this old dugout canoe and cannon were really neat.
Basically any cannon (which was a lot) we saw that day they thought was neat and had to be played on, climbed on and shot. =)

The boys were enthralled with this train set. 
It was set up to look like St Augustine back in the day.

Picture overload on this post, i know! But there were so many neat things to see!

Aunt Deanna I thought of you and all who live near Hershey PA! This picture is for you.

I thought this this was funny. 
You had to buy all three bottles of medicine to get the full set of instructions!

Lunch was enjoyed at this place.

Check out the Pirate Ship in the harbor!

The thing that made this restaurant special and the reason we drove around looking for a free parking spot for ages was this... 

Each table had trap doors that opened over the water and they provided baskets of bread to feed the fish

and the birds.

It made this boy very happy. 
He said this was his favorite thing we did all weekend.

 Our final stop was Castillo de San Marcos. The fort the Spanish built to defend the coast.

The flags show the history of Florida since 1513 when Spain claimed "La Florida".

 What did I tell ya? 
Every cannon was an occasion to say "Mommy, take a picture of this one!"

This concludes your history lesson for the day.

Thank you to those of you who made it all the way to the end of this very long post. Hi Mom! =)

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Pat said...

Thanks for your email about more of your photos of St. A. I really enjoyed them. I bet your kids were crazy about all the pirate stuff and cannons. My favorite photo was the one of the very narrow street. Thanks for going the extra for me and letting me see them!