Thursday, August 02, 2012

Florida Butterflies

One thing i've really been enjoying this summer is our butterflies. 

We have a large yard and lots of plants and recently i've been trying to add some color to attract the butterflies. 

My friend Sherri told me that butterflies love Pentas. 
She was right! The butterflies love these!

I found a great website on Florida wildflowers and butterflies. You do a search to identify each by color, find what flowers attract butterflies or search by your favorite butterfly and see how to attract them.

Zebra Longwing - it's Florida's State Butterfly . 
Elijah took the next two pictures.

This flower is called Lantana and the butterflies, bees and insects sure love them!

The Gulf Fritillary or Passion Butterfly

Black Swallowtail

Cloudless Sulphur- this little guys seems to really like the hibiscus. 

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail - he's a regular visitor to the pentas.

Do you have a post or info about butterflies? Feel free to leave the link in the comments section so we can all check it out!

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