Thursday, May 17, 2012

Road Trip!

We are going on a road trip!

Can anyone guess where too?

Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri!

Some friends of our are finished with the NTM training and are heading back to Korea next month. We don't know when we will get the chance to see them again so we are going to visit them before they leave.

The cool thing is we will get to see many other great friends there at the same time!
I'm looking forward to having lunch with a couple of these wonderful ladies.

The boys are looking forward to playing in the lake and creek...

seeing cousins Sara and Anna...

catching bugs...
May 2011
maybe even some fishing...

Jae and Geoff... and a snapping turtle
Hopefully we'll be able to slip in a visit to Minor Mikes...
Last summer at Miner Mikes
and catch some sunrises... minus the snow!
January 2010
I highly doubt i'll be able to keep Geoff out of this store...
May 2010
Have a great weekend!


Mrs.Rabe said...

How fun!!!!!

Have a great time!

Aunt Deanna

Becky K. said...

How fun that the boys have fond memories of the area and can anticipate this trip with you.

We are planning a trip to MO in September. It will be my first time there.


Crystal said...

imagine in Ethan's voice "kittens say meu meu we miss you" ;-)

may God be glorified during this trip! so thankful you get to visit with friends & sisters in the Lord!

It's such a beautiful area. Nice pictures