Thursday, May 03, 2012

embrace the camera: 5/3/12

This was the bike we found at the farmers market for $10. We finally got training wheels for it and Elijah has had so much fun riding it. Then Ethan wants a turn but his legs are too short and can't reach the peddles. So mommy gets to push him up and down the drive way. =)

Elijah took this picture.

Who wants to wear a bike helmet when you can wear an knights helmet?

Elijah took this picture too.

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Ashley said...

LOVE that he's wearing a knight helmet! That is something my kids would totally do too! :)

Jacci said...

ha ha - the knight's helmet is very cute. Doesn't look like he's going too fast just yet, anyway :) sweet!

Suzanne said...

Ha Ha! I love that he is wearing a knight helmet! Who wouldn't?!? I remember my 6 year old not being able to reach the pedals, and now she zooms around like a pro. Savor it!

Beth @ Snaps of Our Life said...

I love the last one! Very sweet!

annalee said...

what a fun slice of life moment captured! such sweet pictures. the last one is priceless.

Andrea {kerubo mama} said...

Aww wonderful pictures! That knight helmet is hilariously awesome! SO great :)

Crystal said...

I'm so impressed w/Elijah's photography skills! If he's this good already I'm thinking Wow when he's older...!

yes the last one is especially sweet <3