Thursday, October 06, 2011


My cell phone broke back in April.

I just got it replaced this week.

I wasn't procrastinating, i was just waiting till we were eligible for an upgrade.

Anyway, all that to say I bought a mini sd card to get the pictures off of my old phone so now I have a way of sharing them!
the beach the day after Christmas

Elijah fishing with daddy

Ethan Dec. 2009

Disney day with the gang!
January 2010

Ethan and I the day before classes started at the Missionary Training Center in Missouri.
January 2010

Elijah in MO.
Wow, both boys have grown and changed so much since then!

on a trip to the hospital to visit my mom
Summer 2010

Geoff's birthday at the Mexican resturaunt in Camdenton.
April 2011
Splash zone at the zoo in Florida.
September 2011

Pancakes for dinner!
September 2011


Mrs.Rabe said...


I'm glad you got to save all these photos!

They change so much at this age -

Auntie Dee

Rachelle said...

so much fun to be able to go through the memories each picture evokes. Cameras on phones are amazing!

andrew topel said...
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Crystal said...

you had a good camera on your phone. Enjoyed seeing the pics. Never seen one of Geoff quite life that! That was fun to see :p
I learned today don't give them your old phone they can get info from it. It's like a computer.

Neha said...

Those are great pics. Loved the one with Dad and son fishing (and bonding) :)