Friday, July 01, 2011

You Will Always Be

Kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall
But You go on and on
Hard times come but You remain
The fortress through the storm
Dogwoods blooming, Missouri

You will always be
Never failing King
Just and faithful, always able
You will always be
Scrabo Tower, Northern Ireland
Years will come and days will go
But You will never fade
Things on earth will let me down
But You will never fail

Sunrise over Strangford Lock, Northern Ireland

My eyes may look away from You
But You will never leave
Times I've turned and run from
You Your love has stayed by me
-Kristian Stanfill
A neighbors rose, Northern Ireland


Mrs.Rabe said...


Aunt Deanna

sarah beth said...

Hello Melissa!

Many of the giveaway blogs have their comments set to be moderated before they are posted. Could that be the problem? :)


Crystal said...

great word beautiful pictues!