Thursday, June 30, 2011

You're More Than A Sister To Me

It's my big sisters birthday today! As I was sorting through some of my things this week in preparation for our next move I came across this poem she had written for me and given to me on my birthday in 1998. Each paragraph documents a different place in our childhood. The 1st is Senegal, Africa, the 2nd is New York and the 3rd is Florida.

You're More Than a Sister to Me
Crystal Day

It's raining
Let's run in the rain
And play in the mud as we used to
Think back to the times...
The times we would dress up, play house
Or pretend we were princesses
Yes, we would fight
Yet together we often made quite a sight
I remember the bike rides and climbing trees
Both things made our hair blow in the breeze
It's snowing
Let's slide down the hill
To us this is all new
'Cause times are different
And seasons have changed
But we can enjoy the changes
If we go through them with God and each other
Though changes will be many
One thing won't change
Your my sister
And of that I am proud!

Crystal and I one Christmas in New York.

It's hot
Let's go to the beach
We can chase the waves
Later we can look for dolphins
We'll swim now
As we feed the sea gulls
We look at each other and know happiness
It's this season in our life
That I have found we can really talk
I pray and hope you truly understand
You're more than a sister to me

Sunset at Honeymoon Island.
(Crystal took this photo)

Love you Sis! Happy Birthday!

...now where did I put those tissues?


Becky K. said...

Happy birthday to Crystal. That is a very touching poem. What a keeper!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Very sweet poems!

I love you both so much!

Her photo of the ocean and sunset is amazing!


Phyllis said...

Please Wish dear Crystal a Happy Birthday from me!

Crystal said...

Thank you Melissa; that was sweet! You found good pictures that went along w/the poem :-) Yes, where are those tissues! snif, sniff
I love & miss you <3

thanks commenters for the B-day wishes above :)