Thursday, June 16, 2011

Miner Mikes in pictures...

Have kids who need worn out?
Take them to Miner Mikes...

This boy melts my heart with his smile.

These two are such goobers, they started throwing balls at me about this point!

Joy is such a good mommy and climbed up with the kids!

How many people are coming down the slide? Can you count four? Poor Joy is under that pile of kids!

Snack time! All that playing makes a body hungry!

time to ride the train

Ethan's my little trill seeker and he's the one with his hands in the air!
We rode bumper cars too but my camera batteries died so no pictures of that.

What a fun afternoon for the kids and I enjoyed some time with my friend Joy.


Mrs.Rabe said...

They didn't have Miner Mike's when we were 20 years ago! hee hee

That looks like a blast!

Crystal said...

you got some fun & funny pics :-D

What a site- 4 in that picture of Joy coming down the slide! Wow -she's a brave lady :)