Friday, June 17, 2011


Love Sac Alternative Furniture Co. sent me a pair of slippers to review.
They sent me the Créme Slippers in Medium.
They arrived packaged in a pretty box and tied with a brown ribbon.
My new slippers!

Isn't this owl cute?

At first I was thinking that summer was not a good time to wear slippers but with our house being all chilly tiles and wood floors and the fact that my hubby likes to keep the house pretty cool in the summer it's actually been great!
No more complaining that my feet are cold, they are all nice and comfortable in these...

With different slippers in the past I've noticed that my feet get too hot and sweaty in them but these slippers aren't like that.

Now if i can just keep them looking this nice and white. =)
Thankfully they can be machine washed and line dried.

You can find more than just slippers on their site. There's pillows, blankets and some really comfortable looking furniture.

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Crystal said...

They look comfy! Sound like you are already putting them to good use :)

They have the fanciest Sac ®, (bean bags as we used to call them)I've ever seen.

This line on there website made me laugh "The trademarked hypnotizing effect of the KidSac can’t be achieved unless each kid in the household has his or her own. Sharing usually results in injury"