Saturday, May 14, 2011


Welcome to the LEarning Never Stops Photo Challenge.
This week's theme is - Remember.

Since the theme is Remember I thought i'd look back at my photos and see what pictures i had taken on this day last year. A year ago tonight we were making one of my favorite memories from our first semester here in Missouri. We were eating dinner in a real cave with some super awesome folks!


Our Peculiar Lives said...

Great photo! That looks like fun!

Linda said...

I recognize several of those dear faces! What fun!


Light Trigger said...

Great picture!!! Something to remember, indeed


MomLaur83 said...

That is so cool!

Joy said...

By all the smiles that I see, it looks like everyone had an awesome time!

Janet Rose said...

I would have never thought to have dinner in a cave...sounds interesting (and a bit chilly)! Awesome photo, though, of your night "in".:)

Hen Jen said...

oh wonderful! A cave, that is a neat memory! Great photo, must have been fun :)

so glad you joined up with the challenge!