Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Fierce Little Storm

Missouri sure has some interesting weather!
Yesterday the temp was in the 90's and tonight it's supposed to get down into the 40s!

Thursday night we had some bad storms in the area.
Elijah was out on the porch watching the rain and I was inside making dinner. He comes in and says "I'm catching the ice that's falling!" It was hailing! Elijah was running around wearing a bicycle helmet to protect his head while trying to catch the hail stones in his fishing net. =)

Most of the hail stones were marble size but a few of them were like this... 


Linda said...

That's amazing! Up here, 2 hours north of you, we didn't get hail but I was sitting quietly at my desk and I could hear, like "they" say, a sound like a freight train heading for us! After about 20 seconds of listening to this ominous sound, fierce winds hit -- and I mean HIT! Weather people are saying we might have had a microburst or small tornado hit. We had a little damage in our town, but not much.

I've never seen hail stones like you experienced. Glad everyone was OK!


Shonni said...

That last one is pretty big.

Jillian said...

First of all, huge!! Second of all he is getting too old!! I think he was a toddler when I started to follow you!!

Neha said...

He is a darling! I'd love some snow storm here in the scorching heat (it's crossed 100 F)!!!