Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thankful for the Sunshine

Elijah and his pal C. playing in the creek.
We had a five day break for Easter this past week and it rained the ENTIRE time! Not the gentle falling rain that is fun to go outside and play in. No, we had lightning, thunder, severe weather (tornado) alerts and flood warnings!

We hadn't seen the sun in a week so when the sun finally popped through the clouds yesterday afternoon I was over joyed! So despite the fact that I had a pile of reading and homework to do I decided to take the boys to play at the creek. Elijah had been asking all weekend to go to the creek to look for crayfish but we weren't able to go because of the weather.

By the time we got to the play ground our little group of three had turned into eight! We took along two of Elijah's friends and picked up my friend Joy and two of her kids.

Ethan looks like a man on a mission.
This is Joy on the rope swing over the creek.

This sweet little girl enjoyed picking flowers.

This is Joy's precious little boy.

Elijah and C.

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Neha said...

Your pictures always leave me happy and refreshed. Glad you are able to enjoy the outdoors! It's getting pathetically hot here and the summers will be worse than ever for sure :(

Mrs.Rabe said...

We have rain this morning with thunder. We have had nice sunshine, very warm weather for a few days. Before this week, it has been mostly cool and rainy. I think this week will be a 'typical' spring weather week!

The boys are growing, so amazing how fast it happens.

Aunt Deanna

Becky K. said...

Beautiful photos. I can't help but wonder if your friends know how blessed they are to have such a great photographer along on these outings.....

Have a wonderful day!!

Randi Troxell said...

gorgeous pix as always!!!
i know right.. it is FLOODING here today... i need sunshine!!!!!!

Crystal said...

Praise the Lord you are all safe!!! I've been praying for those who were not so fortunate! Let’s pray their hearts will be softened towards the Lord during this time of grieving for so many! May today be the day of salvation for them!!!

formatie nunta said...

Nice pictures and beautiful kids. When i look at them i saw my kid 6 years ago. It looks that they had a lot of fun on there.