Monday, April 25, 2011

{Good Neighbors Candle Co. Giveaway}

One of my good blog friends recently opened up an Etsy shop! I know many of you are Etsy lovers like I am so I wanted to share her creativity with you all. Keep reading to find out how YOU can be entered to win a gift certificate to Good Neighbors Candle Company.

About Good Neighbors Candle Company

Becky shares how Good Neighbors Candle Co. began:

"My next door neighbor, at the time, had recently retired. Her name is Beverly and she is a very energetic and enthusiastic lady. I used to visit her and observed that she enjoyed making candles.

Before long Beverly was talking of getting a part time job. I suggested that she might want to begin to sell her candles instead. I, being a financial analyst, was confident that I could keep her books and advise her in the business end of things.

However... it took us just a matter of days to realize that I would be joining in the creative process.

It was just too much fun!

That was in 2005!

We focused our efforts on learning about Soy Wax and Penreco Gel. The first year was a lot of trial and error. We learned so much. In truth, I don't think the learning ever ends. There are new techniques and new products available all of the time. But, we now have our core candles which we have made over and over again. These are the ones you will find on our Product Page. Over the years we have made quite a variety but these are the best sellers and ones we get consistent reorders for.

In 2005 soy candles were just finding their way into Lancaster County. It was fun to educate customers at the many craft shows we participated in. Better yet, were the years to follow as customers would return to get more. They had only good things to say about how clean these candles burned. Now that we are five years down the proverbial road, Soy candles have earned their place in the line-up on many store shelves and have come to be most desired. It is cool to think we had a very small part to play in that.

We have spent our time at craft shows, placing our candles in retail outlets and hosting open houses. All of these were fun for a time. However, nothing gives the satisfaction of helping others make much needed money for a mission trip or other worthy goal. The primary focus of Good Neighbors Candles at this point is the Fundraiser and Direct Retail Sales to those who discover us by way of the Internet.

I will do just a few craft shows during the Holiday Season but I no longer offer these candles to traditional retail stores.

It is my goal to provide each and every customer with a fresh candle every time.

No shelf time.

It just can't get any better than that!

Beverly has since moved into a

retirement community and has become

very involved in things there.

I am now on my own with Good Neighbors Candles.

While I miss her, I am very happy for her.
I hope that you will come to love

our candles as much as we do!"

Becky K.

Take a look at some of the candles offered in Becky's shop.

This candle makes me think of Spring with it's cheerful color and citrus scent...
I just love how this little tea cup glows softly with a tea light inside...

Petite Teacup and Saucer with Soy Tea lights
My sister would like this one. It's her favorite color! 
8oz French Lavender Soy Candle in "Sunburst" jar with daisy cut lid.
I've enjoyed Good Neighbors Candles in my own home and gave some as Christmas gifts this past year. The candles arrive very well packaged and every one really liked them.

Some benefits of soy candles is they burn longer than petroleum-based candles, have an incredible scent throw with virtually no black soot.

From Satisfied Customers...

"Hi Becky, MY CANDLES ARE HERE AND I LOVE THEM! What a wonderful bunch of sweet smelling candles! I ordered a couple for myself but the rest are gifts:) Hugs!"
Theresa R.

Diane from the Tomato Soup Cake Blog said this in an email....
" I have to tell you that your pumpkin pie spice candle is THE BEST SMELLING CANDLE i have ever had... and I am very persnickety about scented candles. I usually only buy (brand name), but yours are just soooo much better♥ And the second best smelling candle ever is your lavender candle. ah bliss!
You've spoiled me for lesser things, girl;-}"

PJ said....
"I have got nothing but RAVE reviews from the neighbors who received your candles for Christmas, and I am still enjoying the extras I received with my order. I've been hoarding them so as not to use them all at once."

From Vee....
"I love the smell of my new pumpkin pie candle...it's amazing!"

Sally of The Smiling Sally Blog:
"I just got my order, and I am so impressed with the care you took in packaging. Everything arrived in perfect condition and smelling oh so good! What a nice bargain.
Thank you for the tea candles; I'm going to love that orange spice!"

Becky is offering a $25 gift certificate to one of YOU! 

For your 1st entry visit Becky's Etsy shop Good Neighbors Candle Company and leave a comment here letting us know your favorite item.

For two extra entries post about this giveaway and link to Good Neighbors Candle's. Or put a link to the Candle Blog or Etsy store on your sidebar. Links are below.

The Candle Blog
The Etsy Shop

Leave a separate comment for each eligible entry.

And that's not all! I always knew Becky was generous and she's proving it again by offering each and every one of you a 20% off discount code to her shop! The code is  MELISSA20.

We'll draw a winner Monday, May 2nd.


joanna said...

This is great! I LOVE candles, especially now that I am out of the dorms and can actually burn them :) Love the etsy site - I think my favorite was the 16-oz 3 wick one... probably pearberry. I love the look of 3 wick candles :) Thanks! - Joanna Meisel

~PJ said...

Hey! I'm the PJ above. I really love my cousins candles. I'm especially in love with the adorable tea cup and votive sets. In country apple of course. Thanks for doing this for her. I've linked her blog to a post today so hopefully you'll see some extra traffic :) Much love!


Jessica said...

I love the look of the candles! I like the Pretty 11 ounce Hydrangea Heaven Soy Candle plus 2 tealights the best! I just ordered one for my mom and one for my mother-in-law. I can't wait until they get here and I can see them in person, I know they will love them! Thanks for the link Melissa!
~Jessica Kepple~

Jessica said...

Hey I just placed an order for 4 candles, but I forgot to put in the code for 20% off, is there any way to still get 20% off my order?
~Jessica Kepple~

Becky K. said...

I am refunding you the difference right now! Enjoy!!! Thanks so much for your purchase.........
Becky K.

Theresa said...

Oh I love Becky's candles! I am the Theresa R. in the satisfied customer section! That little teacup one is just too precious!

Have a blessed day and thanks for hosting this giveaway!


Annesphamily said...

Those petite tea cups are very sweet! I like all the pretty scents over there!

Annesphamily said...

I will add a button to my sidebar ti link here for this grand giveaway!

elaine said...

I would like to try the 12 ounce Citrus Infusion Soy Candle-fresh scent for the summer.

Elaine R

Regina said...


If I won, I would pick these two items: this lovely pumpkin spice scented one (I'm such a sucker for anything Pumpkin Spiced http://www.etsy.com/listing/69801082/12-oz-soy-pumpkin-pie-spice-jar-candle or this lovely citrus scented one, you know, since summer is almost here in full swing: http://www.etsy.com/listing/69876963/12-ounce-citrus-infusion-soy-candle


Oh I hope I win!!!

Regina of Live Delightfully

Regina said...

Oh and I tweeted about it!


Marydon said...

Teacup candle for sure. I've had Becky's candles & the fragrances are awesome.

Thank you ~

Marydon said...

Well, sine my word verification on my previous comment was 'shall' I SHALL put her on my sidebar, chuckle!

TTFN ~ Marydon

Crystal said...

I think the Teacup w/a tea light is pretty.

You’re right Melissa I like the color of the French Lavender, but if I win I’d like one of the citrus candles. When I ordered previously I wasn’t able to buy one, but thought I hoped to someday :)
Fav = 48 OUNCE Citrus Layer Candle - Three wicks

thanks for hosting this giveaway!!!!!

Crystal said...

I added her blog link to my blog under “favorite links”

Crystal said...
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Ronda said...

Good Morning,
I LUV the smell of "French Lavender & French Vanilla".
So I would have to say that the French Lavender and French Vanilla soy candles would have to be my fav's.
Fabulous...just fabulous, Soy candles are the best.

Love & Prayers,

Ronda said...

Okky Dokky,

Along with loving the 12 oz french lavender and french vanilla candles, I have posted links to Becky's Etsy shop and one to your blog Mrs. Melissa, hope you dont mind.

I love your blog and will be back regularly.

Love & Prayers,


Vee said...

I love Becky's candles and would have a difficult time choosing just one. For spring and summer, I enjoy the clean citrus scents and berry scents are wonderful, too.

thechattymommy said...

I love the triple layer citrus candle with the 3 wicks!
It looks awesome!

detweilermom said...

I posted on my blog and on facebook about this giveaway. I love Becky and she does a great job with her candles.

Crystal said...

looks like the citrus candle with the 3 wicks is going to be a hit this summer!

Jessica said...

I love the candles that I just purchased! The Pretty 11 ounce Hydrangea Heaven Soy Candle plus 2 tealights and also the ones in the victorian rose scent! I would love to try the 32 ounce, 3-wick Butterfly Mosaic Soy Candle, It just looks soo beautiful!