Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I should have worn my long johns....

The temp was negative something a week ago today as I walked to class. I quickly realized I should have worn an extra layer under my jeans! It was pretty chilly!

But i couldn't help but take my camera, walk slowly and enjoy the beauty that God had provided.

The past couple days here have been in the 50-60's so unfortunately most of this lovely white blanket is gone and replaced with a mushy brown. =(

The 50s now feel like short weather and i'm realising how I'm missing the warmer temperatures.

I hope you all are having a fabulous Wednesday!


Jenilee said...

we are all mushy brown over here too :( your snow pics are beautiful though!

Lyr said...

I just heart the shadow picture. Love it!

Melinda said...

The snow is beautiful, although I don't miss the slush that comes with the warmer temps!

I had a friend ask me how to set up blogger so she can reply through e-mail to comments left on her blog. I have no idea how but remembered yours is set up that way. Would you mind sharing with me how and I'll pass it along to my friend? Thanks so much!

Randi Troxell said...

my goodness!
it surely is beautiful... but i would HATE being tha cold!!!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Our snow is melting! We are very happy! We have loved having snow and now though we are ready for spring!

We have had such a cold winter that thee mid 40's feel like a no coat day!

We love you all! Come visit this summer?

Aunt Deanna

Neha said...

Lovely pictures! sadly, summers are almost here and it's going to be a long and dry summer this time :(

Pamela said...

Enjoyed your pictures. The colors are so vivid. It's all brown and mooshy (sounds mooshier than mushy)here. I'm a new follower and am happy to find you.