Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Field Health Pictures!

One of the classes we took recently was Field Health. We learned how to diagnose and treat health issues missionaries would run into over seas. We needed to learn to know if the illness or injury was something we could treat ourselves or if it was something we needed to get outside medical help for. For some missionaries in the remote tribal locations a medi vac ususally involves calling in the mission plane to fly them out or a 6+ hour boat ride down the river to the nearest town.

Here's Joe one of my fellow students teaching us how to take vital signs and respritory counts.
Joe teaching us how to take vital signs.
(thanks to Kayla for the picture!)
 Then we got to practice on each other.
Practicing on each other!
Next was learning to wrap sprains and strains. 
Erin showing us how to wrap injuries.
Being silly and and wrapping Meridiths legs together. She thought it was funny anyway. =)
Then it was learning what a "normal" inner ear looks like and what an infection would look like using an otoscope.
Katy checking out her husbands ears.
Even sweet baby Hudson joined us.
 We learned to hear different sounds in the lungs.
Listening to lung sounds.
And last but not least we learned how to measure and give injections. This was by far the most nerve racking because we actually practiced jabbing someone!
I'm a pin cushion!


Becky K. said...

I would love this class!
It looks like you had a great time...and it is important stuff you are learning.

The photos were great!

Shonni said...

That last picture made me shudder for sure.
What a cool and practical class!!!

Lyr said...

That last picture made me wince. Ouch!

Linda said...

Gayle helped teach that class, right? She's been a very precious friend of mine for many years.


Brittany Ann said...

When I worked at camp, the kids who needed transfusions would practice giving themselves the injections...on us!

I passed out the first time I was stuck. You know how afraid of needles I am:)

You're braver than me, Liss!

Mrs.Rabe said...

This was one of my favorite classes! I still use many of the things I learned in that class to care for my family!

Ashley DeLen said...

Looks like a very important lesson. But OUCH!!!

Erin said...

Wow what a great class! I'm a missionary in Thailand and found your blog by people coming to my blog when searching for yours... mine is Missionary Midwife Mama. Anyway, the class will be totally worth it regardless of where your field is, urban or not. I'm sure you've heard of Where There is No Doctor, and while some of it is iffy, most of it is spot on. One of my friends that lives in a mountain village has it almost memorized she's used it so much. Anyway, what a wonderful blog, and I'm going to start following it.