Saturday, July 31, 2010

We are back in business folks!  This pretty little item arrived in the mail yesterday! Yes, i have a camera in my hands again and it feels so goooood. Ebay saves the day!

My Uncle is going to bring my good camera from FL with him when he comes to visit in a couple months.

On a different note... 
 My heart is sad today. It's time to say goodbye again.

Our neighbors are moving on in preparation for serving the Lord in Brazil.
Elijah has played with these two nearly all day, every day, since we came back from Florida. They are his pals and he was in tears tonight telling me "My friends are leaving tomorrow!"

Their mom was one of Elijah's teachers last year. She's great and I'm going to miss having her as my neighbor.

Here they are today. Sharing Popsicles and sidewalk chalk in the hot summer sun.

It's hard.

This leaving and being left.

It's hard to leave and it's hard to be the one left behind.

For me, this is one of the most difficult parts of this journey that we are on. I'd rather face lions in Africa than keep having to say goodbye to my family and friends.


Becky K. said...

What a hard lesson for your little ones to learn so early. Praying for all of you.

It is also good, though, that you have opened your heart and made the friendships. It would be easy to protect yourself from the inevitable pain of separation.

Becky K.

The Røsviks said...

I can totally relate with you... This missionary life is full of hard goodbyes and it's even more heartbreaking once our kids get to the age where they begin to feel the pain of saying goodbye. But it's also full of chances to make deep and amazing friendships with like-minded people who can quickly become like family to us. Even though it's hard to say goodbye, we know that we have friends for life (kindred spririts!) spread all across the world and the reunions (even though they might be few and far between) are sooooooooo wonderful!!!!! When the kids are feeling a little sad from missing someone who is far away, we love to talk about how wonderful it will be in Heaven when we will never have to say goodbye to our family or friends again.

Jenilee said...

congrats on the new camera! and sorry about the goodbyes... our lives are full of them, aren't they? but thankful for technology! it helps us stay in touch. :)

Mrs.Rabe said...

Just say "See you soon" and not good bye! Maybe with SKYPE you could keep in touch?

It was the hardest thing for us when we were with the mission...but we do have our longest friendship from our time in the training...We just saw them last week!

Jillian said...

yay for new cameras:( I am sad that you have to say goodbye! We are going to have to do that soon with our neighbors because we are moving! Its hard!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, my heart goes out to you. It seems that I have had to say goodbue to so many loved ones (friends and family) who have gone on ahead and are citizens of Heaven now. I realize that separations on earth are a little different, but the separation from the ones you love is the same experience. I have lived away from my family my whole adult life, and I have learned to lean hard on God and on my friends. He is always faithful. But believe me, I do understand that ache.


Sheila :-)