Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ten Months Old...

He's hit the double digits!
Our sweet Ethan brings so much joy to our lives each day!

Some things i want to remember...

He gets so excited to see "da da" come home from work!
Two top teeth finally coming through. (has 4 now)
He's waving bye bye.
Love his "ba ba" brother Elijah.
Likes to clap.
Walks while holding onto furniture and right from the start he learned to lower himself down slowly to the floor. I remember Elijah just letting go and falling all the time.
He always pokes at thing with his pointer finger.
Climbs the stairs no problem.
Responds to his name.
Knows what "no" means. Today his Nana told him not to climb the stairs and you could just see the wheels turning in his head! He'd look at Nana then back at the stairs... finally he turned and crawled back to Nana! Good boy!

Note to self...
If you are ever over here and someone asks to "nurse" your baby for you, don't freak out. They just mean they want to hold your baby. =) And if they ask you if your baby is "strange", don't be offended. They just want to know if they are shy of strangers.


Brittany Ann said...

Happy 10 Months Sweet E!

Oh, I am love that face!

One month, and I'm gonna kiss it!

the monkey's mama said...

i'd never heard the "nurse" and "strange" colloquialisms before. Too much!

I cannot believe how big he is getting! So precious!

Alicia said...

Wow. 10 months already?!! I cant believe it! It seems like yesterday I was checking your blog often for updates on your labor with Ethan! He is a cutie pie. I think its time to start plannin a party?!!

Cayden does get excited when da-da comes home too! Isnt it the cutest?? I love that Ethan says ba-ba for Elijah, so sweet.

Too funny about the nurse and strange things!! ;-p

TanyaLea said...

Too much cuteness...LOVE that sweet face and the curls both of your boys have been blessed with!

10 mos already...brings back memories of Dawson at that age... complete treasures now!!

And your 'note to self' section about 'nurse' and 'strange'...TOO FUNNY!!! ;) Good to know if I ever travel to that area! LOL!

Crystal said...

10 months NO Way! learning to walk & talk! where did that come from?! Wasn't he just born the other day??!! ;-) Please, slow down Ethan

'nurse' Interesting choice of words... I can see how that would be a surprise. Did someone say that to you? What was your initial reaction?