Friday, September 04, 2009

Neutral Education?

So this whole president addressing the students is causing quite a stir isn't it?

Will your kids hear Obama's speech on the 8th? Take the poll ----->

Even if his only goal is to encourage kids to stay in school. That isn't even his responsibility! A parents involvement and encouragement will mean much more to those kids than his impersonal speech.

I don't believe there is such thing as neutral education. Nobody can own and operate a school, whether government or privet, without having some sort of purpose for that educational system. It will be the people who own that system who's goals, desires and agendas are presented to the children in that school.

So obviously if our beliefs are the same as our governments then we will be happy to have our children educated by them. But if we don't have the same goals, desires and values as the government we will be less than pleased to send our children to the government schools to be indoctrinated, ahem, i mean educated there.

R.C. Sproul has some good things to say on this subject. If you click here and then go about half way down the audio archives you can listen to these...

"The Myth of Neutral Education"

"The Goal of Education"

"The Problem of State Education"


Mrs.Rabe said...

Great post! You are so right - there is no neutral education.

I will have to give a listen to RC Sproul....won't have time today! Thanks for the links.

the monkey's mama said...

Somehow i missed all of this talk until my aunt sent me an email about it. As someone who did not vote for the current US president, I wasn't too phased by this announcement.

My aunt's email said, "Are we going to allow someone to speak to our kids without knowing what they are going to say?"

Well, I thought about that and thought about my former life as a teacher and I realized that most parents don't know what i am going to say word-for-word in a classroom. I don't even know what i am going to say.

While i worked in a Christian school, there are many public schools where there are many liberal teachers. I can't guarantee that their, perhaps more liberal-minded way of speaking won't influence a child's learning but I hope that I would be able to discuss with my children what they learned and see if that matches up to their beliefs.

Kids are getting inundated with SO MUCH information at every turn...It would, of course, be nice to know what he said so that parents could discuss it later with their children.

but, anyway, like i said, i just found out about this last night and have no idea what it is really all about :) Maybe i should do some research first before i start leaving comments :)

Shonni said...

We home school, so I haven't even heard about this...
but thank you for writing about it. As parents we must protect and keep our children hearts.

Randi Troxell said...

i haven't got kids yet... but if i did they would NOT be hearing this... and if the school chose to play it for them and i knew the day... then i would keep them home... you are so RIGHT in my opinion when you say that it's the parent's responsibility to do this.

Anonymous said...

I am working at church Melissa so I can get on your blog!! If Kaitlin was still in school I would definitely keep her home. I would not let her take part in this in any way.

Gee did someone say N Korea? Don't they have their pres. picture up and bow down to him?

In Ps 37 it speaks about the righteous and evil. We have hope in his promises!

The Bailie Clan said...

I believe that this is a wonderful thing for the President to do. To inform the children of the importance of education. Sometimes hearing it from your parents isn't enough.

And apparently our kids need it. I look at my age group, and even some of us lack the knowledge and desire to do more to get more, etc!

We need that back!

I think that this is being read into, way to deep.

I believe that Prez Obama has a good heart, not perfect, but good intentions. He has children too.

Catherine Anne said...

Love all the photography here!

Kristen said...

awesome post, I will have to look into all of this. Not that I have any children but since I want to be a teacher I should be informed :)