Thursday, August 06, 2009

Summertime Treats

Both Elijah and I had our first ice cream cone from the ice cream truck last night!

We've been hearing the music from his truck nearly every evening the past couple weeks. And last night when we heard it Geoff looked at me and said "do you want to grab some change and..." I don't think i heard the rest of his sentence! I was already raiding Elijah's money jar for coins and hollering for Elijah to put his shoes on! =)

By the time we walked down to the street there were already eight other kiddos hanging around waiting for the van. I didn't know there were that many kids around, i've never seen them before. And there Geoff and I thinking he wouldn't make much money!

I love the look on Elijah's face in this next photo.
I'm not sure who was more excited out of the two of us!

Ethan says "hey mom, where's mine?"

Did you get treats from the ice cream truck when you were growing up?


Randi Troxell said...

when i was a kid i LOVED hearing those jingling bells coming down the street.. good times! and i love that last photo!

Sherri said...

Those look like way yummier treats than the ice cream trucks here! My mom used to let me run and get ice cream from the truck when I was little. I would always choose the ones with bubble gum in the middle so the treat would last longer! Looks like you all had fun!

l♥ving life as mommy and wife! said...

So cute Melissa! I would have been running to get the change too! LOL That looks like WAY better ice cream than our ice cream truck here....as a child I would get ice cream, but now the people driving the trucks are kinda scary, not sure I would do it now!! eek!

cherie said...

hi, elijah! that looks really yummy, sweetie!! we had popsicle on our day out yesterday - quite a relief from the muggy day!!! hello, melissa, i'm back! :) hugs!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Whenever my Grandpa was at our house he would buy us ice cream from the truck!

TanyaLea said...

So much fun...and YUMMY, too! Ice cream ALWAYS makes for a happier day! :)


Valencia said...

OMG now I just have to have ice cream...lol Don't forget to email me your address to send the children's aprons you won.

Kelly said...

When I was a kid, we lived so close to a Dairy Queen that my sister and I, as teens, walked down there everyday one summer for a treat. Around our house now we used to have an ice cream truck come around, but he stopped coming since the gas prices went up.