Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ducks, Daffodils and ... airplanes?

God was good to us on Thursday and it didn't rain! It was so great to get out side and enjoy the fresh air. It was a bit cold in the wind but we couldn't complain. We still enjoyed our time at the park and in the sunshine.

First Robert and Donna came to pick us up and we loaded the car with the car seats, diaper bag, camera bag, warmer coats, baby carrier, stroller... my goodness, who knew two little kids would require so much gear for one after noon!

We ate at McDonald's on the way to the park. Elijah was more interested in watching the people than eating his chicken nuggets.

And then on to Victoria Park in east Belfast.

These two are buddies...
We brought bread for the ducks and geese.

The doves and pigeons stole their share of the bread but the snooty swan wouldn't come near us...This park was a little boys dream. The birds weren't the only this with wings that we saw.
Look what kept flying over us. And my camera was not zoomed in at all when this was taken!

Besides the birds and the airplanes and the trains that went past the park you could see these two...The cranes are called Samson and Goliath and are in the shipyard of Harland & Wolff, builders of the Titanic. They are a landmark in the sky line of Belfast. I thought they were interesting to see so close, Elijah on the other hand was more interested in this...

Oh, i don't think there is much that he enjoys more than a good play park! Where he can swing, slide and make friends. Oh yes, he was already trying to appeal to a girls sympathies! At one point he was running too fast and did a nose dive. This didn't affect him much since he does that all the time. He's just moving too fast and his feet can't keep up with the rest of him. But this other little girl in overalls saw him fall and said "ooooh" and went over and touched his shoulder as he was getting up. I guess a fall like that would have been hard on her so she was being sweet and showing her concern. A few minuets later we see Elijah run and fall. I could tell he fell over on purpose and didn't think much of it until I saw him run and fall again... practically at the sweet little girl in overalls feet. Oh dear, what am i going to do with him? =)

We kept this little man all bundled up and warm. Like his hat? My very talented Aunt made it for him!
The park is under the flight line for Belfast City airport.

Here comes the 2:30 flight from Barcelona... Don't believe me, I have no idea where that plane was coming from.

A little boy dreams of flying...

Here are the guys watching the planes.Ethan was sucking on his dummy while Donna pushed him in the buggy. (see i'm trying to use the words they use here!) =)Oh look! There's another one!

So there you have it.

Our day in pictures.
After the park we went to the hospital in Belfast to visit Ruth. She's been in there since Saturday night. Her legs are numb, she hasn't been able to feel them since December. And now her arms and upper body feel like they are all pins and needles, They feel the way her legs did before they went numb. The Doctors are pretty sure she has MS. But it's not confirmed yet. She's pretty bored in the hospital. She says there's no internet soshe can't even blog from there.
Would you go visit her blog and leave her a comment for when she gets out of the hospital? I'm sure it would encourage her. Click here.


Brittany Ann said...

Big E! How bold of him, falling at a little girls footsies!

I'll make sure to comment and pray for Ruth:)

donna said...

it was the best day out thank you for your friendship your pics are brilliant

Becky K. said...

What a day. I wouldn't have done well with all of those planes so close. But you got great photos of them.

The hat is precious.


Ruth said...

looks like you had a good day and thanks for your visit