Saturday, March 28, 2009

This started out as a quick note...

Geoff and Elijah are both in bed, Ethan is finally getting sleepy and i'm about to change the clocks. My poor little body is getting worn out and confused with all these time changes! First we moved our clocks ahead a few weeks ago while we were in Florida, then we fly over the ocean and have to adjust to the 4 hour time difference and now we're jumping ahead another hour! Can we just quite playing around with the time? Now we'll be 5 hours ahead of our family in Florida.

The view this afternoon from one of the back roads near us.

It was a beautiful day today! The wind was bitterly cold though. We had a good day. Our original plans of going to Belfast and getting the boys British passports applied for got moved to another week. Our day ended up being rather relaxing. We had a late breakfast out and then did some grocery shopping.

Daddy and son at breakfast.

I surprised Elijah when I stuck the camera back and took his picture! He's such a good traveler!

Tonight at church was a speical once a month meeting. This month they asked us to share. It was sort of an informal Q & A with Geoff and Melissa. I was nervous as usual to be in front of a group of people. My plan was to take Ethan up with me so that every one would be distracted by his cuteness and wouldn't notice if i stumbled over some easy question. =) I thought it was a good plan... everyone would rather look at a baby anyway right? But I didn't do it. And actually it went rather well and I enjoyed talking to people afterwards. Ethan got passed around and gave out a few smiles and goos. Elijah was busy making friends with every one as well and gave out hugs and waved goodbye as people left.

And since we've got a picture of each of the other family members, here's me...
In my favorite place to be... behind a camera taking pictures!

And here is what I was taking a picture of... Sketrick Castle


Becky K. said...

You do so well with the camera.

I am glad your talk at the church went well.

Brittany Ann said...

Hey love,

I bet you did great sharing. You're so well-spoken. And your story is so beautiful, I'm glad you were able to share it! Good job, friend!

As for the three-columns, I had help from a blogger I read myself. She gave me these directions.


It did change everything back to the basic setting as far as fonts and colors, so I went ahead and planned a whole re-model this time, just because I'd been given the warning. However, it won't erase your header or background, just your fonts and font colors. I changed those myself.

(Plus your background looks perfect for a three-column. Mine isn't so much, yet. I'm just happy with it for now. I may change later.)

Let me know what else I can do. I'll help in anyway, via Facebook or Skype if I ever get it downloaded.

Also, thank you for all the emails! I promise to respond soon! I love having lots of Melissa notes in my inbox!

Mrs. Rabe said...

Dear sweet Melissa

I wish I could see that castle in person! It was such a lovely photo! I am delighted to see you all thriving...your boys are troopers - comfortable on either continent!!!

Love you
Aunt Deanna

Ruth said...

Hi Melissa sorry i missed last night i would have loved to here what you had to say. we must arrange coffee some tuesday afternoon.

Sherri said...

I love the picture of the castle and am glad you had a somewhat relaxing day. We need one of those every once in a while ya know! Also am very happy to hear everything went smoothly with your Geoff and Melissa Q&A. We miss you here, can't wait to see you in June!

Crystal said...

Great pictures! The one of you is very artistic :-)

Praise God all went well w/the Q &A

miss ya