Monday, March 30, 2009

These are for you...

Do you need a Monday morning pick me up?


Then these are for you!

Cheerful March daffodils will brighten anyone's day! These are from our garden but you can find them in most everyone's gardens around here. There are different varieties of daffodils. You can see from the picture that there are the almost white ones, the bright yellow ones and the white ones with bright yellow centers.

I love how no matter where you look this time of year you'll see these bright happy flowers blooming. All along the road sides, lining fences, in people's gardens and even in a vase on Granny's table.

Speaking of flowers, lets talk about roses for just a minuet.

I received an email from Angela on Sunday with a picture attached of a beautiful peach colored rose... the first rose to bloom on a bush Geoff had planted for me over a year ago at our Lake Helen house. He planted those rose bushes in front of our house in February of 2008 and they brought so much color and joy to me and now to Angela who is living in our house now.

Click here to go to Angela's blog and read the story of the smallest of the bushes and how it's been an example of a precious life lesson.

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Sherri said...

Thank you for the flowers dear friend, the did brighten my day. Having a very "lowly" day here in sunny Florida. :(