Friday, January 23, 2009

Missionary Spotlight - Carrie Martin

Missionary Spotlight

Carrie Martin
In Mexico- En route to Paraguay

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Hi! My name is Carrie. I met Geoff and Melissa during their first semester in Jersey Shore, PA. I fell in love with Elijah, then got to meet him a few months later. Despite many moves and long distances between us, we have remained good friends. (I have a theory: anyone who makes it through being lost in the woods stays good friends!) Melissa asked me to write a little bit about where I am and what I am doing, which really starts with where I've come from.

My grandparents were missionaries, and I was exposed to missions at a young age. Between my grandparents influence and being raised in a Christian home, God put two and two together in my heart to guide me into missions. I went through New Tribes Bible Institute in Jackson, MI. I spent the next two and a half years in Pennsylvania and Missouri studying culture, church planting, language learning techniques, and linguistics. I finished the four and a half years of training in December 2007.

I spent 2008 building relationships with friends and family in Louisiana and North Carolina, and taking a two-month road trip to Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Virginia. During 2008, I saw God provide in miraculous ways, raising my support from around 15% of the recommended support for a missionary in Mexico--all the way to 65%! Only God could do this!

So now what am I doing? I left North Carolina on New Year's Eve for a four-day trip to Chihuahua, Mexico. I am here in Mexico to study Spanish in a Latin American culture. I won't only be learning a new language--I'll be learning a new way of life! I live in the Mexican Bible school's dorm. I have three roommates, two are monolingual in Spanish. I'm praying that this will aid me in learning Spanish more quickly! I'll be here in Chihuahua for ten months, and then I plan to go to Paraguay. When I get to Paraguay I will spend more time in Spanish language learning, then I will get into my area of ministry. I'm praying about how I will fit into a tribal church planting work.

I am so excited about how far God has brought me. I once heard an analogy of how God works on us to remove our blemishes to glorify Himself. A diamond worker may sit for days, staring at a diamond--analyzing its features both positive and negative. Finally, one day, the worker picks up his tools and taps the diamond in one place. The diamond will never be the same again. The diamond is smaller now, but the blemishes are gone. It is now perfect in the sight of the diamond worker. We are like this, and God is working on all of His children to glorify Himself, and to better shine His Light around the world. How is He using you to shine His Light?"


phil and shell said...

i miss carrie martin! and i'm super happy for the gills! congrats on your beautiful baby ethan. :0)

Alicia said...

You have an award at my blog!

Phyllis said...

We have good friends who are teachers at the NT missions school in Chichuahua... Tad and Deanna Nuce.. he's the principal and is from the chapel we got to here in Ks... wondering if your friend is with them maybe? Excited to hear about Elijah's arrival.... that's fun... looks like the males are dominating the Gill grandchildren.. Enjoy these days..... they go by very quickly...Phyllis in KS..

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