Monday, December 15, 2008

Cookie Jars!

How hard is it to find red and green m&ms this time of year? Harder than you think! We found that out the other night when we ran out of m&ms for the cookie jars we were working on. We finally found them at the 3rd store we tried.

I stole these pictures off Sherri's Facebook page!

We made those cookie jars with the dry ingredients layered in the jar so all you have to do is add the couple other ingredients and you've got yummy homemade cookies! We put Christmas fabric and tied on the recipe around the top. They turned out great!

Sherri and I putting the first layer down in our jars.
Things like these are always more fun with a friend!
We had a good time.

The first layer was brown sugar...
We had about 2 dozen jars to fill.
While we were filling the jars Lili kept Elijah under control...
Good girl, Lili! Keep him right there! =)


Becky K. said...

That does look like fun!

Sherri said...

What a fun night!!!!!

Mrs. Rabe said...

Good job Lili! What a good kid sitter!

It is fun to do things like this with your friends!

Carrie said...

well, the good thing about you staying in florida--more pictures of MELISSA on the blog. and i've decided after seeing many of you, another boy. you look "familiar". miss you this time around. love

Alicia said...

Isnt that always how it is?! It seems like when you arent looking for something its everywhere, but the minute you need it you cant find it any place!! Looks like you had fun doing the jars!!

Anonymous said...

Lili has his job down!! LOL

My friend and I made those one year and had flour everywhere.

Oh, Evan just called and they are headed from the airport with the Rabe girls and Gpa & Gma!! Whew!

I think M&M cookies sound good I am hungry!

Tracy said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Your little guy is soooo cute! I did know that Deanna is your aunt!! It's a small world after all:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa looks really good, could you posy a picture of a finished jar. Also the recipe that you used. Ruth