Saturday, November 22, 2008

Can't Get Enough Wedding

I couldn't help it... i had to share more pictures from Patrick and Brittany's wedding. =) These are from Sherri's camera. Her husband Jesse got some really great shots that I just had to put up.
Patrick and Brittany...
... now Mr. and Mrs!
Elijah ended up walking down the isle with Sherri. He stood by her for a good part of the ceremony. I was amazed that he stood still for so long... then Sherri told me afterwords that she found out what suspenders are good for... holding a little kid in place! =)

The Kiss
Aren't they the cutest couple ever!?
Katie and Elijah

Me and my dear friend Sherri
The groom and Elijah playing in the water fountains!

And here's Elijah hogging all the dances with the bride!
Ahh, good times!

Well, saying goodbye that night wasn't so fun! At that point I still thought I'd be going back to Northern Ireland in a few days so when I went to say goodbye to Brittany it hit me that I was saying goodbye for almost a year! Oh boy, I'm not sure who started bawling first. I made the bride cry on her wedding day, shame on me! Then Jesse came over and offered both of us his sleeves! Ha ha, we spent good emotion for nothing! I'm still here in FL! =)

Anyway, i hope you all are having a great weekend. Elijah and I are going down to Sherri's today. She probably has a list of things for us to get done today. =) I love it. I was telling her how I was enjoying this unexpected "quiet time" of no commitments or responsibilities (i know it won't last) and she said if i got bored she would make a list of things i could help her with. =) So hopefully we can be a help to her today.


Alicia said...

Sometimes the unexpected turns out to be great blessings! Although I am sure you would love to reunite with your DH!! Any word on that?

These are great pics too!

Sherri said...

I love your new signature!!!

Anonymous said...

Elijah looks so cute. But so does the bride. Missing both of you loads. Ruth

Kelly said...

Great pictures! I'm sorry to hear that your still in Florida. Will you be able to get back to Ireland to be with your husband for Thanksgiving?

I wish you blessings on your Thanksgiving whether you spend it in Florida or Ireland.

Crystal said...

great pics!!! Jesse is a good photographer