Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Books, Calenders and Visas

Elijah has received some kind surprises lately.

This nice little story book came from Miss Downey. It's called "Guess How Much I Love You." It has really adorable pictures and a very sweet ending.

Thanks Miss Downey!

And then this delightful advent calender arrived in the mail from Aunt Deanna. also known as Mrs. Rabe! It's a beautiful picture with 24 little doors to open each day in December up until Christmas. Of course Elijah wanted to start opening them right away but I told him we would have to wait. He picked out a spot on the wall in our room to hang it up.

Thank you Aunt Deanna! =)

We got a call from the British consulate in Chicago. The visa people who are working on my UK visa. They need a bit more information so we are working on getting that to them. It's possible i could get the visa in a few weeks!

But Geoff doesn't want me to be flying then so he's planning on coming over for Christmas and staying until the baby is born. Those are the tentative plans as of right now. I'm getting used to things and plans changing at any moment so those plans aren't set in stone.

I think it's kinda funny, the only reason we applied for this visa was in order to have the baby over in the UK and get some help with the doctor and hospital bills. And right now it looks like we won't even end up having the baby there!

My sister is a midwife here in Florida so we're planning on going down to her and have her deliver the baby. She was there for Elijah's birth in Pennsylvania but this time she'll be in charge. =) The birth center is a couple hours away from us but we're hoping that won't be an issue. Like hopefully i don't go into labor during rush hour or the middle of the night. Although traffic would be light during the night so that might not be so bad. I'm not going to worry about it right now. We'll just take it one day at a time. The Lord knows and He is looking out for us. We're going to trust Him to do what's best.

Thanks for listening and caring. I hope you all are having a great week!


Becky K. said...

Amazing how God's plans can look so different from ours. His ways are perfect, though...

Sweet Thanksgiving to your family.

Becky K.

Alicia said...

I love that book that Elijah got, its so cute and sweet!!

Thanks for the update on your Visa, I have been wondering about it. Glad your hubby will come here for you to have the baby, seems to be the safest for you and baby. God is totally in control and He knows your situation, I know you will go into labor when He sees it right!!

Have a great Thanksgiving!!

Sherri said...

I am a really good "RED EYE DRIVER" in the middle of the night. I am the best they say. Just letting you know of my special services!!!!!!!!! :)

Mrs. Rabe said...

I missed this post somehow!

I am so glad that things are getting solved and finalized. It is hard to not know what's up, especially when you are having a baby.

You will do great with Crystal. Use a tub if they have one!

Love you!