Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

The pictures are going to be a little backwards. The afternoon pictures are first and the ones from this morning are at the bottom. I might fix it later but this is the way it loaded so that's how it'll be for now.

So how was your thanksgiving?

We had a good day. I drove down to my sisters apartment in Clearwater in the morning. Traffic was busy so it took me almost three hours. Elijah was a good traveler so it wasn't too bad.
Mom and dad were had come down the night before so mom was busy in the kitchen when i got here. My brother had brought two friends from Word of Life with him. We had a full house. The guys ended up falling asleep in the living room before the meal! Doesn't that usually happen afterwards? =)

My brother, sister and I.

Elijah wanted to cut up his turkey by himself.

Elijah fell asleep on his Grandpa's lap.

Is Uncle Andrew having fun yet? =) Elijah sure is!

Elijah and I stopped by the water for a few minuets as we drove into Clearwater Beach on the way to Crystal's. It was such a beautiful day!


Mrs. Rabe said...

You are look so great Melissa!

Elijah, as usual, is fully enjoying himself! His happy face is so dear!

Your Mom and Dad look good, too!

Thanks for the pictures!

Becky K. said...

I have to agree with Mrs. Rabe...you do look great!

I had to think how much your parents must be enjoying this unexpected extra time with you and Elijah... That pic of him sleeping on Grandpa's lap...so sweet.


Lori said...

Too sweet!!! I'm glad to hear you guys had a good day, but I'm sorry you're still here away from Geoff. Lots of hugs!!! If you get bored just head over. We currently have a HUGE cardboard house, but I can't promise it'll be here too long. The girls are playing in it now. Love ya, Lori

Anonymous said...

I like the Picture and Elijah and Andrew!! Cute!

How can you squat like that still! You are a limber woman. I can't even get up and I am not pregnant! (Just getting old)