Friday, November 14, 2008


A sister's love is special
in oh so many ways
Now miles stretch between us
and minutes turn to days.

We've shared so much as children
the tears, the joys, the pain
A lifetime spent together
those memories remain.

In times gone by we've pondered
the paths our lives have taken
Knowing that in spite of this
our sister love unshaken.

A sister's love is special
in ways that are unspoken
Still that binding force exists
our sister love unbroken.

~© Rosemary Wynings~

My big sister, Crystal and me.


Alicia said...

Great post Melissa! I can really see Elijah in your face...wow! I love my sister like crazy too! There is something so fun to have a sister; a special bond.

Crystal said...

You made me cry! I haven't seen these pictures in ages Where did you find the top one? What a true poem! So glad we are friends as well as sisters :-) Thank you for your love <3

I love you so much Melissa!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, there was Elijah in the pictures!! Isn't it funny how you can look at baby pictures of someone and see their children. I can't see me in any of mine. Maybe others can.

I love your blog. It really goes with the title. Did you make it???

Mrs. Rabe said...


I have known you and Crystal since those sweet days!

Great photos!

Elijah's Mommy said...

Thanks Miss Paula! My friend Sherri made the Blog header for me. She's the one that made the last header as well. We'll be putting up a Christmas theme soon! =) Yay, for the holidays!