Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gainsville Visit

Sherri, Elijah and I took a quick trip up to Gainsville to visit Brittany and Patrick. (the newlyweds!) We drove up Sunday evening and came home Tuesday morning.
Sherri brought her dog, Lili. Elijah loved having a dog in the back seat with him to travel with. They were both great travelers!
Once we got there he had two dogs to play with since Brittany and Patrick have a great dane named Marvin.


Brittany said...

Aww! We miss you all so much! Marvin mopes around now that he doesn't have his Lilli and Elijah! And his mommy mopes around, too, because she doesn't have her Sherri and Liss. Can't wait to see you all again (soon hopefully!)

Anonymous said...

How fun to travel with a pal in the back seat!! I bet Elijah liked that!!

I do hope you are back in Ireland before your wee one is born!