Saturday, September 06, 2008

It's a....

Boy?.... Girl?

Your guess is as good as mine. Although we had our 21 week ultrasound yesterday we still don't know what we're having. The scan lady wouldn't tell me. She said it "wasn't hospital policy". Because they've been wrong in the past and some people have gotten really upset about it so now they don't tell anybody! So once again, a few have ruined it for the many. But other than that disappointment we were happy to see the baby on the screen. The lady did lot of measurements, she measured the head, the tummy, the legs. And she looked to make sure the heart had four chambers, she looked at the spine and a bunch of other things. Everything looked good and right on schedule for week 21.

Thank you to everyone who voted on the poll! So far 11 think it's a girl and 6 think it's a boy. It is fun to see your opinions! The poll had closed but I've opened it up again and extended the time. So get your votes in and let me know what you guessed! I've been keeping Geoff updated on the votes.

Maybe closer to January, we'll put up a new poll where you can guess the due date... and the winner gets a gift!

Rachel and I are learning to knit! It's so much fun! My grandma had taught me and my sister to knit when we lived with her in New York over ten years ago but i hadn't done it since we moved to Florida. A few months ago while we were still in FL i got the urge to try it again. So I found a video online that showed me how to cast on and away I went! Next Rachel was hit by the "knitting bug" so she dug out her mom's knitting needles and yarn, or "wool" as Rachel calls it and she's hooked now too! =) Last night her friend Jane, came over and joined our unofficial knitting club. (How did it go, Jane? Did you like it?)

Rachel and I also want to learn to quilt and maybe we will down the road a bit but for now we've decided that knitting requires less items (only needles and yarn) and it's more convenient so carry around and do in your spare time. Right now we're practicing on scarves. Maybe we'll get adventurous and try a baby blanket or hat, right Rachel?


Put down those needles and get back to studying! =)


Becky K. said...

I always marvel at women who can just pull out their handwork and talk and knit or crochet at the same time.

I guess the conversations are just too engrossing for me...

It is nice that Rachel shares your interests!

It will be fun to see what you have, boy or girl. We had to wait to know for Mikey because he crossed his legs....should have been a sign that he would do things differently and his way only...
Becky K.

rachel said...

Haha, you know me so well! I look forward to the day when I am able to do more than knit stitch and go beyond a scarf!

Jayne said...

I did enjoy it thanks Melissa! Although I wouldn't be the best at it!! But as Rach says - "practise makes perfect!" I think I am making a slight improvement - by that I mean that I haven't dropped, or picked up any stitches in the past few rows!! haha Maybe if i stick at it I will have a blanket ready by the time I have kids, that will give me plenty of time to get better...and faster!! hehe Oh and Melissa, thanks for teaching me to cast on, that's the bit that I am best at now!!

Sherri said...

Oh I can't believe this!!!! I get on today and am so excited to see the headline, "It's a ..." and to no avail!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh well, surprise surprise it will be!

I love knitting! Maybe I should get back into it too! I think you should try your hand and make a baby blanket!!!

Love ya!

Alicia said...

Oh man, when I looked at the title of the post I got so excited to see what it was!!! But I am so happy that your little miracle is healthy!! There is no better news than that!

Alicia said...

Have you felt any kicks yet??!!

Crystal said...

I was thinking the same thing as Sherri & Alicia when I saw the post title!!! But PTL she/he is healthy!!!!!

Keep up the good needlework! The scarf looks warm.