Saturday, September 06, 2008

Around the house on Saturday

Added Later:
Hi, this was taken later Saturday evening. I couldn't help but wonder... who was putting who to bed here? =)

This was earlier this afternoon. Elijah got excited because there was a rainbow right over our back fence. It doesn't really show up in the picture though. And look! The sun was shining for a few minuets! We're always so happy to see the sun! I heard that this has been the wettest August in many many years! It's shaping up to be a wet September too.

I learned something new today! I learned how to do the purl stitch as well as cast off! This is the scarf i started when we were in Florida. I finished it this evening and it's longer than I am tall! I asked Elijah if he would model it for me...

He went to show his daddy and his daddy said "it looks a bit girly for you son." It's also way to big for him as i didn't intend it to be for him. Sounds like I'll have to work on something a bit more "manly" for Elijah.

Snuggles with daddy before bed.

Nite, nite everyone!


Jayne said...

aww, those photo's are sooo cute!! I love the scarf that you knitted, very impressive Melissa! You didn't tell me that you were so good last night! It's really nice wool that you used for that scarf too (sorry I should have said 'yarn' haha!) Though it would probably be too tricky for someone of my pityful level of skill to knit with!! hehe

Tracy's corner said...

Your little one is so cute!! I can't knit, so your scarf looks great to me!

Crystal said...

I miss you all so so much!! Looking at all these adorable pictures of Elijah I tried to start writing a comment but was tearing up so much I couldn't write :-(

I can't wait to get my arms around that kid and give him a big long bear hug!!!! And kisses and kisses and more kisses!!!

Anonymous said...

The puppy on Elijah's shirt is peeking out of the scarf!

Rachel said...

I am envious of your excellent scarf. But I beg you not to put my nephew in such a girly item ever again. :P

Kelly said...

What an adorable post!

Also, I really like your gadget on unreached people of the day. This little girl is beautiful. We sponsor a little boy from Uganda, and my boys get really excited when we receive a note from him.

Anonymous said...

I think the rocking,rocked Geoff to sleep!! LOL